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So, Joker was deported from AO

Australian Open is soon to begin (Jan 17-30 @ Melbourne). Who’s going and who’s not, is being reported, almost daily, due to covid-19 pandemic/omicron, at this very moment. Joker was last year’s champ, by defeating Daniil Medvedev (Later, the two met up in US Open final, and Joker lost.) and refusing vaccination.

Here is CNN timeline. I think he first said not going, due to vaccination issue who refused to indicate if he has done. Then he was going. Then this ‘jail’ episode happened after he landed: Djokovic is being held in an inner north Melbourne hotel while he awaits a court challenge to his visa cancellation. 

Serbia issues a BRUTAL warning to Australian government as Novak Djokovic’s visa battle escalates: ‘He was LURED to Australia’

“Lured”!!! Oh boy… and his father has staged a rally. I think the whole thing is a little over reacted. Let’s see a few vital info

  • Capital: Belgrade
  • Population: 6,871,547 (2021 est.)
  • GDP: $52 billion (2020 est.)
  • Per capita: $7,497 (2020 est.)

… while Joker’s vital info

  • Birth: 1987
  • Birth place: Belgrade, SFR Yugoslavia
  • Residence: Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Turning pro: 2003
  • Prize money: $154,756,726
  • 2020 prize money: $6,511,233
  • Slam won: 20 (9 of these were Aussie Open)

Saying he’s his small nation’s top dog is an understatement. Perhaps these two sets of info explains the reaction of foreign affairs ministry, and that of his father, who may consider himself the king maker of small and young Serbia.

Starovic emphasised that the Serbian public has a strong impression that Djokovic is a victim of a political game against his will, and that he was lured to travel to Australia in order to be humiliated,’ the ministry statement said.

‘They’re keeping him in captivity. They are trampling on Novak and thus they are trampling on Serbia and the Serbian people,’Djokovic’s father Srdjan said at a news conference in Belgrade on Thursday.

澳洲摊上大事儿了. 塞尔维亚最值钱的国宝被关在墨村的一个旅馆里. 塞国的外交部发出严重警告. 他老爸也气势磅礴的聚众, 曰 {‘他们将他关押在囚禁中. 他们正在践踏诺瓦克,因此他们正在践踏塞尔维亚和塞尔维亚人民,”德约科维奇的父亲斯尔詹周四在贝尔格莱德的新闻发布会上说.} (谷歌翻译) 上纲上线, 这过硬的逻辑. 2020年 塞国人均收入 $7,497, 而他网球场上的奖金是$6,511,233 不包括广告代言之类的. 他老爸是不是有些国父的感觉? 最好笑的是塞国硬称他是被引诱去的. 澳洲有这闲功夫陪你玩? 小题大做 丑人多八怪.

无论如何 他老婆漂亮

Timeline of Serbia:

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