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Grand Prix 2023

Albert Whitted Airport
107 8th Ave SE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

The Firestone Grand Prix of St. Pete (May 3-5) is the season opener for the IndyCar series. The ground includes Dali Museum and Mahaffey Theater.

The 180 miles race is ran on track and streets. It has multiple crashes: the first one occurred on their first lap. This one took out Grosjean who was the leader, as we were about to leave. Luckily, no one hurt. Marcus Ericsson of Sweden (1990-) survived the chaos and won the race – last man standing.

This is the second auto racing event I attended. The first was 30+ years ago at the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, PA – nascar – that race was ran entirely on the oval race track.

Noise is bearable. Maybe I’m old and hear no evil because I remembered the nascar race I went, was nearly killed or deafened by the unbearable noise. Getting old has its advantages.

The national anthem is awesome. The country singer Trace Adkins (1962-) has an incredible deep voice and sang beautifully.

There is fire works; jets fly over;

Some photos

A serious tailgating. Biking two wheelers come to watch four wheelers.

Seriously? Yes

There are many exits. Some has really long lines. We walked around and found one that has no line and left.

Many apartment building along the route have watching parties.

Be the One – Save a veteran

We left before the end

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