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My first pickleball lesson

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 卧虎藏龙嘛 – he ran the big pickleball tournaments, including the one at USTA.

Byron is our pickleball head coach, likes to call me Miss Irene. He gives private lessons, both individually  and with group up to four.

My first lesson with him is fruitful. He’s a good coach, in that, he builds on what you’ve.

“Take your time.”

CAN you imagine, taking time to line up shot in pickleball? Time, is what the sport doesn’t have. All goes quickly and intuitive reaction. But listen to him repeatedly, I do see the point: that, I do have time to pause, see where the ball is coming from and where it would likely to land.

He likes my forehand topspin, “I was never a good tennis player,” he would say. Toward end of the hour, he suggested two paddles. I tried them both and liked them both. He sells at cost. So I’ll have a new paddle … my last tennis racket purchase was a century ago -:)

He was at my first pro pickleball tourney which was held at USTA in 2022. He remembered the Jewish graduation ceremony. “That was the first time. I went there this May again. It’s annual event now.” He’s the chief umpire.

Jack Sock got destroyed …” he said. I last saw Sock playing was this April, at Sarasota Open. How did he degrade into such low state? He was once No. 8 in singles (2017.11.20) and #2 in doubles (on 10 Sept 2018) in tennis.

Although pickleball is easy to get into, but to master it, request the same hard work -:) duh. “The top pros make over $1m and the top 1 or 2 travels with their trainers. … A pro team sells for $5m. Tom Brady, Kim Clijsters, etc. are owners.” According to him, Clijsters lives in Florida with her three children.

After the lesson, he said, “you’re going to play tennis …” Of course I’m -:).


一堂课下来 累死了

他说 “明天又去打网球🎾…”
俺 “施压”
简直糟蹋他的时间 [偷笑]

6⃣️ 是去年俺第一次看皮克职业赛 … 他是那里大拿 大碗 大大大

鸟枪换炮 [偷笑]




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