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Blue sneakers 3-5, 4-5

My most recent acquisition pink on blue K-Swiss, is the most comfortable so far, and they match my pinky tennis balls. The older K-Swiss is ok.


Asics was from last year, hardly wore.

Adidas on the right is quite few years old because I liked it so much, that I bought four pairs: two white and two light grey. This is the last of four. They’re narrower than most.

Interesting to note, the left two pairs are one size different but they measure the same when stand side by side. Oh well.

Played with Matt, Hope and Jim, who might not play any more.

A new pair of sneakers 👟 pink on blue

终于攒到点钱 买了双鞋. 可惜俺的粉球就剩最后一桶了. 又是个… 就没有然后了的故事… 相信嘛 二个男娃赞我的新鞋. 他们怎么会知道? 不成 他们很注重细节 [Lol]  OR… 一定是俺天天穿的像个叫花子[闭嘴]

…the coach is showing me how to serve


.. and how I actually serve in the games


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