Did the light bulb just flash in my head?  Seeing Fan’s lethal handsome backhand did something for my backhand – it’s improved a lot, suddenly, 🙂 – badminton that is.  We played few very exciting sets tonight.  In the beginning, there were only Yong and I, for good 20 minutes, we sweat to death.  He asked me if tennis is more intensive, I said, no way.  Badminton is more exhaustive, 短兵相接 IMHO anyway.  Then came Fan and John.  Fan and I played against them, won relative large margin, 15:9.  Then John and I played against Michael and Yong, it’s a tough set.  We stagnated at 2 for few change overs, till 2:9 did we catch up with them, but eventually we lost 13:15.  The last set was with Fan, and we lost.  Throughout the night, as if Simon was still there, they all hit to me, the weakest link, :).  When there is too many players, we don’t get to play as much, but when few show up, we wear out early.  By 10 we all wanted to leave, except Michael, who came late.  Fan was nice, agreed to stay bit long.  The points were long and we all played very hard. … ok, I’m out .. good night.

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