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jennifer-scholleUS Open Series. Men’s quarterfinal.
He wears his cap low. Picks on his shirt at shoulders. Touches his face and tapes at his cap. His shirt is on the large side so he has to consistently pulling it backward, and uses it wipe his sweats. His feet come close as his fires his booming serve. He ventures to the net occasionally and made the volley; drops his opponent and wins the point.
Andy Roddick (1982, 6’2″ Career prize money $16,562,109)?
Andy is too short and cracks too few aces.
It’s John Isner (1985; 6’9″; Career prize money $537,345) who played Wayne Odesnik (1985; 5’11” Career prize money US$601,218). For the three sets, John served 27 aces and 7 double faults.
John even looks like Andy, but with slower pace. And far less wins.
I’ve never seen him before. My first impression was, he’s an American. I couldn’t quite put my figure on it, but just knew by instinct.
How one defines All American Look?
Ralph Lauren? – ok, that’s lazy.
There is an abundant of goodness about John. His openness, sunny disposition; easy-going and unhurried manner. Privilege may not be the correct word, how about righteousness? Most of all, he shrinks the court.
There’s also an air of looseness about John. Look at his 7 doubles. And the career prize money vs Andy.

Odesnik on the other hand, looks like a journey man. Older. Sour face. Short legs. Fitting shirt. Not enough upper lip to cover his mouth .. errrr .. he looks like a donkey. Just very un-princely.

I thought James Blake has that All American Look. But he walks funny, like old Chinese lady with her bounded feet, gat. And his behind is always sticking out. Oh man .. And his girl friend, a golf course cocktail waitress posed for Maxim.

There are three Americans and one Canadian, Frank Russell Dancevic (with a handsome single hand backhand) for the semi. with all my heart, I hope one of the Americans will prevail.

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