Walter Lure & The Waldos

waldoWaldo’s 3rd world tour [Kalifornia] is coming up ..
– 8/27 at Hollywood
– 8/28 Huntington Beach
– 8/29 San Diego

Hey, Waldo, are you going to fly us out there to attend? I’ll get my red carpet dress ready 🙂 and be sure to say that I like rock n roll and can rock too
.. So no 4-some that weekend? no singles either, I take?
Longevity comes to mind, because most rockers either died of overdose, or died drunk and overdose ..
I think Waldo even quit smoking.
Hey, W, come out to play with us at the park near you on Friday evenings. I need a partner since all the 3.5 boys are off to Syracuse.

I’ll have to admit that many wives just have it sweeter and rosier than Irene. Like the couple I mentioned earlier, the wife never stops criticizing her hubby, while he’s in action and off the court. Once Simon couldn’t take it any more, told her to be quiet because
“Your husband had tried his best .. give him a break ..”
And the hubby still plays tennis. With her.

I hand Golfer his sleepers when he comes home
Takes his briefcase
Make him his favored martini, dry with three olives
My eyes were always cast down when I speak to him
I’m always so humble
If he wants steak for dinner, I wouldn’t dare to even look at pork
If he says north, I don’t dare to even venture toward northeast
I never muttered a word on or off the court
about his play …
Golfer has defected to golf for the past countable years and never once picked up tennis .. ok once in Hilton Head, out of pity, he played on the Center Court at Sea Pines ..

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