50-meter pools

thornden03poolI’m moving to Syracuse: many city parks there have 50-meter pools and they’re not only free but they also have lap swimming in the AM for big people.
Our weekend party @ Syracuse is about to begin. The first truck load of people are heading there soon. I’m planning the Saturday finale (no one promoted me to the post but being thick-skinnned .. ), and suggested to picnic in the park. So I called Syracuse park office at 9:03am. After 1 ring, a young lady pick it up. A few words later she transferred me to the resevation desk.
A young man picked it up on the first ring too.
I can’t reserve any area since all are booked for two weeks ahead of time – I had Thornden Park in mind. However Onondaga park the person mentioned has picnic tables near the swimming pool that we could use on first come basis.
After thanking him
“Why don’t I move up to Syracuse?” I wondered out loud.
“I’m wondering too.” He laughed too.
Nay … I’m tough, love Noo Yawk too much I can deal with it. I’d be bored out of my mind in a week there 🙂

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