This bud is for you

Budweiser – one of my favored beers – makes great commercial, consistently.  I haven’t seen a bad one so far.  The first autumn in the US, in a bar, I was in the mood for Federweisser – the German fresh young wine – so kind of jokingly asked if they have it.  “Federweisser?  No, but we have Budweiser.”  Without asking what it’s, I said “OK”.  Guess my English wasn’t good enough to distinguish F from B, :), so I had my first Bud.  It wasn’t bad at all .. and their commercial is even better; fits in well with my sense of humor anyway.  I’m not a big beer drinker, so a case of Bud can last pretty long, cause Golfer drinks those fancy brands.  So Bud is for the masses, :).  In Austria they have Storm – the red young maiden, the answer to Germany’s white Federweisser.  I miss them all.  Oh, the Apfelwine too.

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