Novice trader

Someone’s just asked Woodie if he had mentors when he’s novice trader.  My novice moment came when I was learning to ski. Maybe the second or third time out, to a new resort. At the base, I saw the signs for different trails: Novice, intermediate and advance or something like that. At that time I didn’t understand the word but common sense told me I should go with novice.  It’s a busy time, long queues behind me. I had to make life or death decision as to ski Novice or not.
“Is this for beginners?” I pointed toward the sign.
The loader looked at my ill fitted costume, said, “oh sweetie, it’s right for you.”  and one push plus shovel I was out of his hair.
Hey, so cool that I was learning English even on a ski trip, :)). 
Btw, Woodie said he didn’t. The reason was simple: no one was willing to provide free advise like he does.

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