Tennis is everywhere

For two weeks each year, world of tennis is in New York (but only part of New York is all about tennis – that’s what I love about Noo Yawk: rarely a single person or event can dominate the city. My Big Apple has depth).

The Bryan twins

Few of the magazines that I subscribe to have profiles on the players.

Andy Roddick on Time (9/7/09 issue)
Serena Williams on People (9/7/09 issue)
Bryan twins on NY Times Sunday Magazine (8/30/09)
Bryan twins on New Yorker (8/31/09 issue)

Anna K Maria on Maxim (ok, I made this up .. I’m disappointed .. The world No.72 Ashley Harkleroad posted for Playboy last year)

Food & Wine
The Economist
.. ..
I have to admit that I don’t get to read every one on my coffee table page by page – too many. (What was Irene thinking to sub to so many magazines? No wonder nothing gets done in my house and in my life … boooo hoooooo … ) I shall check other mags to see if there are some coverage..
– Food & Wine could write about how the players’ entertain ..
– Money could write about how they manage their earnings ..
– InStyle .. seriously many female players could use Anna Wintour. Madam Wintour has a new movie out, The September Issue
– The Economist .. hmmm .. what angle would they use?

~ . ~

The twins .. by Dewey NicksBob and Mike even share two houses; a car; and a bank account.
~ . ~
I am happy to say that the media has finally come around to cover doubles. Or the Twins’ limelight is due to lack of top ranking American players? In any event, I love to see them play and love doubles game. When will the net work cover more? I would think they would stick around to air Williams sisters’ final at Wimbledon, live not tape delayed.

Serena has a book out, On the Line, when she talked about her depression over her sister’s shooting death in 2003, her weight issues ..

More later ..

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