The emergency room week

cimg9749.JPGI’m going to dedicate this week as the emergency room: visited it again on Wednesday.  As if it’s not dramatic enough, I ran into one of my tennis buddies there: needing stitch on his chin – obviously trying to dive for a point. 
Pumpkin always chuckles when I ran into someone somewhere, because she firmly believe that I knew half the tennis players in NY and half Chinese populace in the USA.
Gosh, being a doctor is not at all pleasant.  It’s respectable and almost noble, but very stressful. Given the medical system in the US, it’s down right rotten, they might spent half of their time fighting the HMOs than cure the ill and sick.  The return of their investment – longer school, residency and malpractice insurance.. it isn’t worth it any more. The only partially joyous one is OB/GY when part of their duty is delivering babies, which is the only happy occasion ..

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