The workout

bikeWaking up in the morning.
The out door pool was close.
My family was still sound at sleep.
I have put in appearance at the churches.
.. what else could I do?
I decided to venture to the gym.
The fitness center’s next to the pool, equipped with Life Fitness machines and dumbbells – the lightest were 5 lb. Guess I could only use the stationary bike. There were two, they looked sleek and user friendly, with touch-screen that links to iPod, TV with work-out programs (different terrains and lengths) .. the work-out results can be downloaded to USB, curve seat with back, the side bars measures your heart rate .. wow it’s pretty cool.
My 刘姥姥初进大观园 moment came not at the features but at the price:
Wow .. since when the stationary bike warrens this much?
Well, obviously I don’t workout and knew nothing about it.
I bought Wii Fit when it was very difficult to get – stores sold out the moment it got. And I used total once. Yes, once only. Why did I but it? I had no idea other than one of my tennis buddies said a lot of nice things about it 🙂
impulse purchasing or impulse buy.

on Sunday:
first 5K at level 3: that burned 78 calories, in 14:13 minutes, heart
rate was 116??
2nd 5K at level 9:
at 1K: 3:14, 22 cal ??
at 1M: 3:40, 27
at 2K: 6:11, 45, 126 heart rate
at 3K: 9:00, 67, 126
at 4K: 11:50, 89, 135
at 5K: 14:10, 112, 151

Cool down .. the summary for the second 5K:
Time: 18:36 minutes
Calories: 125
Distance: 3.48 miles
Dis climbed: 1,435 feet
Avg speed: 11.25 MPH
Avg pace: 5:20/miles
Avg heart rate: 124

On Monday:

Cool down .. the summary for the first 5K:
Time: 15:37 minutes
Calories: 114
Distance: 3.23 miles
Dis climbed: 1,336 feet
Avg speed: 12.43 MPH
Avg pace: 4:49/miles
Avg heart rate: 128

Cool down .. the summary for the second 5K:
Time: 15:09 minutes
Calories: 114
Distance: 3.30 miles
Dis climbed: 1,334 feet
Avg speed: 13.07 MPH
Avg pace: 4:35/miles
Avg heart rate: 131

That sounds anal, I know :). I just never know what a calorie is, other than I need about 2,000 of them each day to get me going.

As for workout, although I think it’s sissy, but it had earned my respect: Soon after giving birth to King, I had nothing to do at home for the first two weeks, other than reading (I never took care of my kids or it was secondary ..). Chinese considers it’s 坐月子 zuo yurzi confinement in childbirth. I should lay in bed for a month. One late morning I turned on TV and saw the wide range of workout programs. So, I followed Denise Austin’s.
One two three four ..
Two tow three four ..
Lordy, I was so happy that the commercial break came, because I was panting like a cow, for 15 minutes of girly thing. Guess I’m a crummy sissy – ranked lower than sissy :).

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