Deion Sanders’ fat pink tie

Deion SandersI caught a late Sunday night ESPN football recap, three-some talking heads with Deion Sanders sitting pretty in the middle. He’s one of my favored players who played mainly cornerback but also some wide receiver – most NFL plays play just one position. He played for New York Yankees too, that’s right, baseball. One thing I found bit tacky was he played for a few teams:

Atlanta Falcons (1989-1993)
San Francisco 49ers (1994)
Dallas Cowboys (1995-1999)
Washington Redskins (2000)
Baltimore Ravens (2004-2005)

Five NFL teams in total. Lord. That’s a lot.
Sanders in Cowboys uniformI always like Cowboys, especially their uniform, the hue is just very sleek. The New York Giants’ are nice but not striking, the bold blue which doesn’t exactly a fitting for New York.

Any way, back to his fat pink tie last Sunday night.
Mr. Sanders looks the same, sitting pretty in the middle with dark crispy tailored suit.
Talking smartly.
Then there was his tie.
A baby pink.
The color was ok so was the size.
But when the two appeared hand in hand, it looked just so unsophisticated.
Totally uncool.
What did Mary Joe Fernandez say on Safina’s outfit?
It has to go.

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