I’m so beat, played tennis three times: early morning with my usual group, mid day per Slowpoke’s request and night when she took her lesson, I ended up playing with Henry.  He and his wife were very much on my mind, becasue the protest thing yesterday.  They both are very active, she now works (not sure volunteer or taking a paid postion) full time at American Cancer Society.  I found his wife to be a very good representative: great education (she was a researcher at North Shore hospital, again not sure if she’s PI. By the time we met, she’s already quitted and spending full time at Chinese school, ACS ..), gracious, sassy with good diction. I always believe when you start a campaign of any sort, first should have a probable cause (winnable case), and secondly pick a decent spokeperson to front it. Our school’s incident had neither; worst the two were more like quarrelling in pidgeon English than professionals who bring something of a value to the table. 

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