Captain Eng

Mommy Eng has just don a new hat: captain. Oh no .. I’m going to be responsible for an USTA league?!

I have no slightest idea how did I land it. It’s all Irene and Wah’s fault :).
My Long Island mixed 7.0 league is about to start and we’re still recruiting – we have 8 players so far. One day Simon asked me what to do in the winter, I told him that I’m playing in a mixed league. He said please sign him up too. I also asked Irene/Wah if they’d like to play. She said sure.

But when they found out the team consists all strangers they changed to No then egged me on .. why don’t we form a team? I’m not forming a team, a far away from that frame of mind .. but then I thought .. hmmmm .. why not – Isn’t Paul been talking about forming a mixed 7.0 for a while? Here we have two pairs already .. So .. the snow ball began to roll. I got Paul’s number from Mary and called.
Yes, Mr. Champion is interested to play but would not captain it.
How about you be the cap and I do the work? I offered.
No, he said. Oh well, no team then.

Who the heck knows me? I’m only famous within the confine of the four walls, among my kids. And I bet that’s going to change very soon – they’re heading to college in few years.
But .. but .. Simon, Irene n Wah are definitely in, all we need are two more warm bodies.
So … I asked Bill.
No .. winter time is family time.
My poor kids, I never reserved any time for them. Lucky that they haven’t run away or ended up on drugs. Maybe I drugged them too much when they were little – like sleeping pills so I could play tennis?

But Bill did get me in touch with the right person who overseeing the Metro league. Apparently after getting my email she asked Bill who I was, if I’m trust worth, dependable, .. .. then agreed to let me form a team.
Guess my sacrifice and devotion to the game had moved Bill, so he decided to be the co-cap – perhaps out of urge of the league. I really need to behave, not ruin his good name and reputation. Na, guys, lets all go wild 🙂

My little learning curve began. I didn’t know that the greater New York (NYC, LI and Westchester, etc.) are different regions or divisions that they don’t play together during the regular season. My LI league begins this week (14 battles in total, ends on 30/4/2010) while Queens next January (also ends in April 2010). The LI and Queens would only meet in the regional play off if they win within their own region.

Prematurely I sent out an e-mail to say Bill the cap and Paul the co-cap. Sorry guys!
Now .. who would want to play for me?! Hide behind Paul and Bill, we might have a team.
Paul said I could only use his name this way: “.. tell them I’m playing.” Gosh, sound like a tight corporate policy – I just got busted. But he said he’ll help me with lineup, etc.
I have a full plate at the moment with this Ambit Energy (want to save $$? enhance your career/income? talk to me), and I don’t really know what’s going on on court other than swing the racquet once in a while.. so why am I captaining a league is way way beyond me.

I was lectured that e-mail doesn’t work; I have to work the phone. Oh man. Put rocks in my mouth to practice my phone manner. Now I armed with a list of guys to call with a phone script fm Paul.

Jimbo “.. call me in December if you still need me.”
Wai: “.. sorry – too many commitments ..”
Xiao Lee: left message ..
Jimmy: to avoid being drafted he self-exiled to another country.
I knew I have that much charm.

Now the girls .. we women are easy. Anna would play only if Susan plays. Susan would like to play but she’s been bumped up to 4.0 – a little dilemma here: having a good hair day, with everything lined up for you during the playoffs, you are risking to be upgraded to the next level. Now where on earth can I find a strong 3.0 for her? Well, I can always wear short .. hmmmmm .. but unfortunately I just upgraded myself from 2.5 to 3.0. Don’t think I could keep my end of the bargain. We could only wish her rating be dropped to earth by end of the year.
Irene claimed she just upgraded herself from 2.0 to 3.0. Good career move, smart girl.
Mary was actually straight forward a yes but she’s leaving for Hong Kong for two months.
Sandy won’t give me a clear yes or no, so I’m haning there .. hoping for a ya.

Sorry people, I must stop here, go to work my regular day job.

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