Zhaojun Chusai 昭君出塞

chusaiWang Zhaojun Departs the Frontier. The title isn’t quite fit but for some reason it’s the first thing came to my mind. You get it, you got it.

My first match on the USTA league was last Sunday at World Gym at Setauket. 42 miles. As #2 Doubles my partner and I were routed 1 and 2. We were out played from the beginning. The opponents, the guy could tumble, scramble, double and can Michael Jordan too – like flying. The girl is a seasoned league player who wore a pretty top. That’s distracting too :). I wasn’t nervous but just don’t have the tools to handle them. I held only one game and had one double fault. On a first serve, the guy called it out then immediately revert it by telling me to take another first serve. He apologized at the change over too, which wasn’t necessary. (But later I learned that it should have been our point .. .. oh well, newbie ..)

As a team, we were 1:2. Our #1 Doubles lost too, the #3 Doubles won in third set. They played the captain of the team who’s little heavy. Ok, that’s a distortion, he should be here. On the way home – I car pooled with two teammates, one of them snapped ..
“They’re just better players .. ” when my partner and I were saying that we had too many unforced errors. Was I trying to discredit my opponents? Absolutely not.

It occurred to me that I’ve been taken care of on court all the time. So when it requires my fair share of contribution, I’m just not up to it. Shame shame shame.
More whimsical portrait of Zhaojun chusaiThis is the more whimsical portrait of Zhaojun chusai.

Out of nowhere, in the deep end of island (and in spite of its name – World Gym), I would think the courts are airy, spacious and the people are friendlier – there isn’t any worldliness. Wrong. The courts at the World Gym suck (cost us $20 each for 2 hours of doubles game) and the front desk isn’t exactly nice. One of my buddies in the morning (I played with them for early two sets – lost 1st set) gave me his version of direction for getting there after learning why I had to leave early. It differed from mine so for safety I called to verify. The girl haughtily replied:
“I only know our address.” and hung up.
Maybe she doesn’t like my accent -:) or GPS too prevalent ..
The home team provided beer, pizza and foot long hero. There wasn’t a bottle opener. Remember to bring one when we’re hosting.
Giants was playing that afternoon as we were driving home. The driver turned the radio to the game and began talking about da little giants. Without the moving images on the tube, I couldn’t follow the game. I promptly felt asleep, began drooling and snoring. Ms Manner indeed. Giants has a wonderful start then felt apart. They just don’t have the defense.
Irene sucks. Not feeling nervous doesn’t translate into winning a game or two.

World Gym
Ok, the funny part was .. As my partner pulling into a parking spot, I asked him about Giants ..
“Third inning?” Thinking I could catch the last quarter. Then felt … hmmm .. inning isn’t right .. that’s summer term ., for the baseball boys. But I just couldn’t get the quarter out.
“You mean quarter?” My partner supplied the right word.
“Oh yes ,,” My senior moment strikes often now .. 🙂
“It’s the third quarter.”
Another teammate turned around, incredulously asked
“You like football?”
“Yes I do.”
“Football?” He asked again in disbelieve.
“Ya.” I was dumbfounded. So Chinese chick can’t like football?

Monday I was summoned to court at 6:30am. I hardly could get up. Plus traffic I was 31 minutes late. Sorry guys.. .. The organizer just called to remind me, to be there tomorrow on time, 6:30am. I need a life. Real life.

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