Jia Baoyu 贾宝玉

Jia Baoyu, literally “Precious Jade” and his surname is a homophone with “false” or “sham” is the principal character in the classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber.

Having a nervous breakdown few days ago during the first league match as captain, I experienced heart attack this afternoon, during a practice run. The great champ came to play, so did the 4.5 whom I kept on romancing him .. .. in the hope that he’ll get demoted next year to join our team. I don’t know about you but I was flattered by being just on the same court with those tennis royalties. I was so tense to the point of shxxless sugarless, more nervous than playing an actual match. Did I tell anyone that my hearing was diminishing? When my partner was telling me what to do, his voice was mostly lost in the bubble. I just kept on nodding rapidly like a woodpecker even I understood nothing or very little. Every time I shakily raised my rocket, trying to return a shot, I was either getting hit or hit it out, totally interrupting a nice flow of the game. If I was lucky, managed a return, it would cut the speed to half. Everyone stood still, waiting for it ..

Ok, joke aside, I was musing about why those high flying 4.0 bombers, the golden boys would want to play with us, the sissy girls (ok .. you girls are great .. not sissy .. only Irene .. no, not that Irene, this Irene ..) I think I figured it out today: they’re bunch of Precious Jades. Disagree? Look at my girls, don’t they look like modern Lin Meimei 林妹妹Daiyu 黛玉?

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