Foot fault

The last team practice was great, five were non-team members. It’s so great to play Speedy Simon who’s, well still speedy. He’s a dear and a great guy but just likes to serve inside of the baseline. So I jokingly told him to serve behind the line – hope this would not cause any trauma or anything of the sort. Kai joked that SS should start his serve motion from the back wall -:).

A small world: my partner was on a LI men’s 3.5 team and actually played against Ting Ken Zhang’s team last year during the play offs.

Ohhh .. Ken, the great 3.5 captain that led the team to the Nationals. I’ve seen but never played against him before. So last night when he teamed up with Lum, I found myself laughing hysterically. He’s hilariously – he serves like a shrimp – and got absolutely everything back even with those winning shots I thought was over and done. Golfer said the same thing about him on golf course – entertaining.
“I can’t stop laughing.” I complained to Lum.
“Good, that’s our strategy.” She replied with a poker faced.
That just made me laugh harder.
Sugar, I just added few more wrinkles since last night – now I look my age, people will give away their seat on subway and bus. Great. Thanks people.

Ok, on foot fault ..

Q. Can your opponent call foot fault on you when there is no referee?

A. The Code states that “compliance with the foot fault rule is very much a function of the player’s personal honor system.” If a player is committing flagrant foot faults, then an opponent CAN call him/her on it. But it is a pretty bold move to do so. He/she had better be certain that you have stepped on or over the line prior to contact before making this call.

What a bunch of nerd. I now won’t go to bathroom without consulting the rule or route.

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