It’s been my goal to reach that elusive 4.0 level in tennis for some years running, but I wasn’t serious in the past.  It’s just the next level.  But now I play with reaching that goal in mind.  I said that out loud today and Simon just laughed.  “4.0?  You ought to correct your bad habits first ..” .. namely – not returning the ball that’s going out, to start.  I don’t know why I would always do that, hitting a ball that was clearly flying out.  For the convenience since I was right there?  Maybe.  But sometimes I’d go out of my way doing it.  (Ya right, my opponents all love me dearly.)  And staying at no-man zone is another sin.  I just feel so so at home even I get caught repeatedly.  And I took shots that clearly not mine.  Never learned the art of minding my own business, lol .. And the grunt.  Errhhhh it’s down right ugly.  Today Simon teamed up with Peter who has really cute forehand and I’m mindful of his advice for mime.  I played with Dale, the Fisherman’s older son.  Peter has no problem with Simon’s live coaching today because they beat us 6:2 and 6:3.  I did everything by the book, lol:
dubious area.  This is Peter’s term for staying at the no man zone.
messes with partner’s shots
return the shots that went out
滔滔不绝 being eloquent plus incessant .. my grunt ..
4.0?  Fat chance. 
Poor Dale.  When I minded my own biz, a.k.a. not messing with his shots, we actually won the game.  But it’s me, brainless n never learn.  He said nothing.  Nice kid, lol.  I won the set with Simon against Dale and Sandy and was 5:5 with Dale against Peter/Sandy, then I had to go, Kinglazy has party.  It’s really a nice day, and I always have good time with them, but just I don’t have the time the way they do, their kids are all grew, adult children, and they don’t start till 10am, will hang around for better part of the day.  / Today they made it early b/e of me.  I can’t say that I don’t play with hint of guilt, thinking Slowpoke and Kinglazy.  If I play at the park with weekend morning group, I’ll sure be done by 9am.  Would have the entire day for them.  Oh well, give and take, life is a big negotiation.

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