What gets me high

I don’t like to run, so have no idea as what they’re talking about, but swimming gets me high, no any other sport could or would, tennis doesn’t even come close, so I know what they’re talking about.  The feeling after a swimming is that you can take on the www, whole wide world, 🙂 !!

Yesterday I visited Dr. Kim.  He’s in a relax mood and chatty.  Talked about his recent trip to China.  “For additional $200 [from Seoul], we could tour Beijing for 5 days, hotels and three meals and sightseeing included.  How did they do that is beyond me.”
“How’s Mrs. Kim?”
“She’s fine. Thank you.” She used to dab in when the nurse/receptionist wasn’t around who’s a very pleasant tall lady.
“Still playing tennis?” We used to have chat on tennis all the time.
A chuckle, “no, she’s in golf now.” We all laughed.
“Do you still swim?” When he first learned that I was swimming during my first pregnancy, he was horrified, if not annoyed. “What? You’re swimming? Don’t anyone see a pregnant lady? They allowed you to swim?”
Relax, Dr. It’s good for you. Toward my third trimester, he predicted that my delivery would be easy,
“Although I have no scientific proof ..”
I swam almost every day till my labor started. That morning, I stayed home, instead at the pool, watched Pete Sampras beat Andre Agassi in Wimbledon, while enduring the mild contraction. Pete went on to win his first championship there, followed by six more – Wondering what does Pete do with all those trophies for? Ladies can use theirs to line the dinner plates, :). One suggestion Pete: planting flowers. .. .. When it’s time to give birth later, Dr. Kim rushed in to the hospital, “hold on .. .. hold on .. let me put on my gloves.. ”  It went so fast, I almost regret – could I at least see what the color of the wall paper in the waiting room was?  The nurse first sent Golfer to register on another floor then had to page him in PA to come back, if he wanted to see the birth of his child.  Dr. Kim wasn’t pleased, “where’s father?”  One of the nurses explained, “we didn’t know she’ll be this fast .. is her first ..”  Did I savor the experience?  What experience?!?!
My second pregancy/delivery was the same, and he turned around to be a fan of swimming, at least for expectant mothers.  During the subquent years, he would often ask if I still swim and how’s my swim, but never about the babies he delivered.  Mrs. Kim would ask about kids.

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