Reaching for the gold

Wah corrected my backhand one more time today: reach out, hit deep.  Simon’s been saying this too. 

“Don’t you feel tired?  Hitting so hard but the balls don’t go far, landing short.. .. ”  Simon’s been saying this too.  My balls land around the service line.  They need to be near the baseline to qualify as a modestly decent shot, don’t even dream lethal.

He said there are four points to connect as one hits a backhand.  The first is the starting point, second is the mid way prior to the contact, third the actual contact and the last is follow through. 

“Most people would omit the second point, they don’t reach out far enough.  Think curve of physics .. ” 

We practiced a while, he commented, “see you haven’t net a single one.”  Reach out on the third point makes the ball travels high and ends up near the baseline, without too much hard hitting.  This is the right way.  Obviuosly I’ve been doing it wrong. 

For some reason, Wah seems can get the point across clearly.  When he plays, there is a bit of delibrate pause in every shot right before the contact and he looks very relaxed.  He’s been saying, ‘you have plenty time to set up a shot ..’  I never thought of that.  Just rush to hit and rush to the net (to claim that candy)!

Simon and I won both sets agianst him and Irene.  Yes, Irene’s ok and been playing!!!  – Welcome back GIRL!!!  Her forehand is lethal, so you know she’s back.





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