Its Sports Empire Crumbling, Russia Scrambles

May the best athletes win?

The Northern Bears bemoan their lose in Vancouver, and worrying they may lose again in their own backyard in 2014. Buddy, you’ve got a long way to go now.

Coming from China, I feel the playing fields at Olympics aren’t being leveled: free reeling western world vs state subsides in the commies. Athletes in China doing nothing but honing their skills, 24/7 while Americans, most of them, have to wait tables to make ends meet, before they could practice what they love to do. Their varied lives provide colorful commentating during the game. I’m happy to see USA won the most medals and China came in 8th.

Should Olympics allow professional to compete? For example tennis. I feel Federer and Williams have 4 grand opportunities to shine every year if they choose to participate, shouldn’t the Olympics gives it opportunity to the amature and let them shine once every four years? … hmmmm then we’ll have to watch sub par performance.
Tough call.
That goes with basketball, ice hockey, etc.
The USA’s win over Russia in 1980 was such an epic moment, that ought to go down history – Miracle On Ice – as the moment, given the historical undertone at the time. Mind you, although that was only the semis but in everyone’s eye, it was the final. Same goes with Bobby Fischer’s win over Boris Spassky .. a lone man defeated an entire team .. oh, got carried away, chess isn’t an Olympic sport. Russia would have loved that idea, back then ..

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