A perfect score! Yap, we did it, closed it out the season with our 7th shutout. I knew few teammates might have expected it but for me the newbie, it’s still a thrill. Big hearty thanks to Captain Bill and Su, and to everyone on the team, we did it together. Thank you all. Also thanks for putting up with me. The good news is we made playoffs .. phew .. but the bad news is sorry that you’ll have to endure me for few more weeks .. deep sigh.
Contrary to my last outing, the opposing team’s vibe was very positive and I enjoyed their captain Lillian very much: no nonsense, down to earth and very gracious.

DSCN5630We went out after last match of the regular season was played on 3/21
It’s what I would considered a perfect match: no questionable line calls that made everyone uncomfortably and no disagreements that causing funny body language, at all! Although few lines I would have let it go but Simon called it out firmly and IF they disagreed, they didn’t show.
We finished our match as the second string within an hour but there were tensed moments. I was bit exhausted from the AM game, mindlessly double faulting and most gravely, kept playing back to the guy to a point Simon questioned my sanity exasperatedly:
“CAN you tell a man from a woman!?”
Ya sure they all have two legs … JK
Weeeelll .. I’m a heterosexual and attracted to the Handsome than Pretty! 🙂 Ok, the truth’s: I was lazy.

The other two matches were all very close. I returned to the court just as our first doubles battled theirs way to match point. Unbeknown to me and when I saw the players from court 4 were leaving (we played at the old bubble on court 1-3; #1 is by the revolving door), I dash to court 2 (to get my drink), not once but twice as Anna was waiting to serve out the match – sorry Missy. I did only because there were other players crossing and I didn’t know it’s the match point. Trust me, I’m not totally dumb and disrespectful!
The third doubles played a real-life husband/wife team. The match was the last one to finish. Simon went over and cheered, for both teams but the wife told him to stop clapping.

Lillian and I stood on court #2 and watched in distance. She regaled me some warring stories from years on the circuit about couples (after commented that the wife [on her team] is very intense.): one couple who would argue on court consistently .. and over benign and petty stuff that totally unrelated to tennis: like who left the toilet seat in the bathroom, at home. Pretty hilarious. Would they wear microphone next time?

Our opponents were pretty good last night, wonder why they’re the bottom team?

I too, wondered.

Can’t take anyone lightly!

One point at time.

At the conclusion of all the matches, we two captains got to shake hands – my only one thus far. Wished there would be more. It’s only a game and friendship should be forged, not ill feelings being manufactured.

1st doubles: 6:4, 7:5
2nd doubles: 6:2, 6:2
3rd doubles: 6:4, 6:4

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