B and D

Words of the day: bumped and disqualified.

Two little words that maybe affect a team in terms of advancing to the Nationals or not:

The league allows self rate if player did not play for (I think 2 or 3 years). Self raters can get DQ easier than computer rated. Computer rated people can also get DQ in mid season. I know a guy who was rated (by a verifier) back several years as a 3.0. The player insisted that he was a 3.5 [sounds a lot like Irene :)] and the verifier said NO. Well, he went to Sectionals (upstate) and got DQ!!! Now you see how fair that was. I also know another guy recently that appealed his rating down to a 3.5 after he got bumped up to 4.0. The team went to sectionals, won and would have gone to Nationals and this guy got DQ and all the points taken away from the team and they did not go to Nationals.

You can play at any level that you want, however, when the stakes are high, and you go further on to regional, sectionals, anyone can get DQ. At those competition, your performance is visual as well as the scores.

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