Endless love

This was the pool where I did my laps on the cruise.  It was an endless pool with the current coming out at the top end.  It looked enclosed in and less glamour.  Suits me just fine.  I was always by myself there.  Couldn’t image sharing it with another swimmer.  The current was bit slow for my pace.  I had to do with the breast stroke.  It’s next door to the Spa, very Asian themed.

Above the pool, there is a dodge ball court.  At first, Pumpkin thought it’s tennis. 🙂  That’ll be great, wouldn’t it?

My left shoulder was in pain one morning when I woke up.  It hurt to a point that I don’t want to use my arm.  .. .. but I went to swim anywhere and did just fine.  After 20 minutes of swim, I made my way to the spa to shower.. did I remember that I have a non functional shoulder.  We’re all weird, at least I’m.  Can’t do double hand backhand but I can swim. 

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