The server

2005-08-25-toss.jpgLesson with Craig ended last Sunday.  He didn’t bother with our serve till the last two sessions, and didn’t like my deep knee-bending motion,
“.. you’ll get tired by the first set.” 
I felt so awkward not bending my knees, lol. 
2005-08-25-serve-bk-pic.jpg One coach said no jumping;
Another indicated no bending .. now what’s left of my serve? lol …
I guess it’s really up to myself, absorb and utilize what works for me.  Thought my knee-bending fuels jumping and that gives me an extra height hence the coveted angle. The most vivid serve motion to me was that of Boris Becker, the boom boom who won the the Wimbledon at 17, not to say that Sampras and Federer aren’t, it just whenever I think about serve, Becker’s always comes on top, wholesome and clear.

Craig said he’s in training, starting a new job at a restaurant in the city, in Midtown east.  I didn’t ask what he’ll do, but wondered if he had many interest of private lessons, why didn’t he get concession somewhere like Kerner and teach full time? He’s a good coach, as far as I’m concerned.  Guess each pro has to find his or her niche and followings to sustain a coaching career, if they so do desire.

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