We Can Help China Embrace the Future

A sensible article by Tony Blair on WSJ’s Opinion page.  He sees the rising of the East isn’t a threat but an enormous opportunity, resonating with Michael Bloomberg‘s.  Interestingly, Blair compares China to USA and mentioned USA few times.  A worldly man.  I have always admire him more than any Brit PMs in the recent history.  And his unwaving pro US stance has certainly gained my approval when as tradition, the most European heads of state are on the other side of the spectrum.   Bashing Washington might get you elected (short term) but it won’t fix your problem (long term).  Bashing China would yield the same result.  The East is the timely opportunity, seize it before too late.  Don’t be left behind.

I had somewhat expected him to sell London’s 2012 summer game.  He mentioned it too, at the end.

McCain and Obama are too busy throwing dirt at each other.  They should spend more time/money on their policy, how to change this country and how to deal with the rising East to benefit this country.  One comment posted that “Blair was a more lucid spokesman for American interests than was our own president.”  I agree.  China matters.

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