Force of nature

We stayed at the sea side resort, Four Seasons on the Gulf in Galveston. The little town was charming. I particularly enjoyed the Moody Gardens, the old downtown and little Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum.  The beach was great too.

The devastating damages made by Ike is unreal, or too real.  Lately, the nature disasters are so routine that I almost lost count of them.  What have we done to this planet, and to ourselves?

The October issue of National Geographic talks about Neanderthals, the other humans that had gone, extinct.  Eurasia was theirs alone for 200,000 years. .. ..

Thomas Friedman ridicules Palin or McCain’s drill, baby, drill!  He asserts that why would they make America stupid by doing thing so last century – fossil fuels instead the 21st-century technology: the renewable energy? 

Giants is winning at St. Louis 20:6, little over 2 minutes left in the third quarter – the stadium is only half filled!! How could that be?? Meet me in St. Louis 🙂 .. ..   So what’s the heck –  win, boy, win!

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