Sweet wins

Simon summoned me before I even had breakfast, but we won 6:2, 6:2, 6:1 against Jonathan and Peter.  Last time I played with Simon, for the first time I saw him losing patient, because I kept on committing the same mistakes.  Perhaps having that in mind, or I was tired or whatever, I paid a lot of attention to the game.  Didn’t try to get to every single shot, returned well, chasing down the balls, … Simon was happy.  I thought a lot about Peter’s advice on my forehand.  In any case, I just played a relaxed and rather intelligent game.  Peter was complaining about Simon talking too much on court; whenever Simon missed a shot, he’ll egged on, “Irene, tell him how he should have played that one..”  Guess not every one can enjoy a chatty coach.  I was pretty happy.  Well before noon, Simon’s already began to drink his Bud.  By the time we left, he’s onto his fourth beer, a Qingdao.

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