Plaxico Burress is missing out 跳草裙舞

How to lose goodwill quickly? Look at #17 Plaxico Burress. His replacement Domenik Hixon just made few unbelievable plays. Burress must consider himself indispensable, so he missed the practice and got suspended.  Giants is leading Seahawks 17:3 at this moment.

Hong Konger has a term for it: 跳草裙舞.

The other day I went to shopping and hurt another shopper’s foot accidentally: I was pushing the flatbed shopping cart which’s very hard to control.  I immediately apologized and asked her if she’s ok.  An store clerk commented, among other things that “She said sorry .. many people won’t ..”  I don’t know that.  But I was indeed sorry.  So after I made sure she wasn’t hurt, I moved to check out.  A minute or two later, her husband came, tapped my shoulder.

“I think you should give me your insurance card.  She’s hurt and bleeding.”

I immediately ran back to her.  The husband was repeating his demand.  The wife kept on saying she’s fine.  He said, “I’d rather have your insurance to pay for it should there any broken bone or anything.”

In all honesty, we all run into this kind of situations from time to time. My attitude is tough love, suck it up.  He turned my concern and goodwill into impatient and dismay.  So FOB, my insurance doesn’t cover anyone else except me. My girl friend came looking for me and mildly cursed.  The wife seemed reasonable.  When the manager came, I told him that he should take care of it.  After he leart what’s happened, he gave me the “give me a break’ look silently.  She stood up and walked.  It seemed fine.  But the husbby just won’t shut up.  Lord.  I asked her one more time if indeed she’s ok then I left.   

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