Hamilton Makes Formula One History

Wow .. Lewis Hamilton of McLaren became Formula One’s youngest champion on Sunday. It didn’t mention his race. A black man just won the F-1, and US might get it first black president tomorrow. Did anyone get this Political Call fm (202) 495-7107?

* * *

Giants wiped out the Cowboys yesterday – five TDs.  Ding and I had rather even match with Irene and Wah zai and nearly stole a set from them: we had the set point at 5:4 and 40:15. I missed an easy put away at the net – I took my eyes off the ball, ended up lost the set at 7:5. We were losing 4:0 in the first set and fought back hard, forcing a tie break but lost it at 7:4.

I don’t want to diminish or insult anyone’s effort/talent/drive, but Wah zai doesn’t play 100% when he dumbs down with me or us because he tries to make the game. He and Irene teases each other a lot and from time to time as if they’re playing in their own zone which is pretty cute and cozy. But they’re nice about it and don’t make others feeling extra or left out, which is great. It reminded me of an incident on a train in Hong Kong, two young lovers were making out and tipped over a cup of tea that spilled on my jeans. An older stranger sat next to me told them to stop and apologize.
“Your hot tea bunred this miss.”
The young couple did not flinch. .. .. I could not picture myself being with anyone who’s so inconsiderate and well, rude.

Btw, Irene laughed and accused me of 拍马屁 kissing up to Wah zai when she heard the 100% theory. Licking someone’s boots .. hmmmm .. Am I so talented and capable of kissing up?? Hey, I’ll take this as a compliment, :).

All have a great week!




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