Da color of da skin

Born 1/11/1984 in Corvallis, Oregon, 6’6″ (1.98m) and 265 lb (120 kg) .. an American football tight end

Boss just scored a TD .. ok, for you intellectuals and aristocrats, it’s touch down = home run in baseball .. did I spell it right? After two glasses of Aussie Shiraz, you got the picture.
When I first saw Kevin Boss and realized that he is a white guy, built like a tank, I was bit taken a back. He’s pretty good looking too. .. Does that constitute me as racist? Or stereotype people? .. I think if anyone thinks the color of skin doesn’t matter, he’s a good liar.
But to what extend it matters, it’s an entirely different story.
Visually it matters very much, and should stop there.
But in the USA, they made believe that the visual isn’t exit. And in reality, they fear it very much. Like in work place. Golfer’s bank is laying off people in doves. Steve is a white guy, very able but with a blunt attitude. So he got laid off. On his floor of more than 100 employees, there are three black women. One deserves to be there. One could not pass series 7 which is very much needed to be there, and one is a kind of, well, bimbo. Everyone was amused to see the pair stayed. Please don’t insult my little intelligence by saying that the color of skin matters not and that USA is colorblind nation.

Why we call Obama black when he’s half white? Can the guilt finally go away now that we send a half slave in the White House?

Anyway, Giants is leading 31:19 .. cheers .. everything is rosy .. shall we see Giants vs Jets or Manning vs Manning for Superbowl at Tampa .. 2/1/09?

Economy? Stupid, what economy?

Man, I can’t stop wondering when we Asian women will enjoy the affirmative action, or any kind of action?


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