A troubled childhood?

Giants routed the Redskins 23:7.  The little Giants is 11:1 of the season with four more games to go before the playoff.  They played a very clean and crispy game without Plaxico Burress who shot himself in the leg.  I think he aimed at his foot but was too drunk and shot the leg; or better yet trying to stuff his foot into his mouth.. .. .. Self destructing. 

The NFL players more or less have some sort of criminal elements to them.  It’s a violent game and takes certain kind of human to play it.  On the edge would be one.  Like crazy wouldn’t be too far.  They all have tattoos on their chiseled arms .. Burress himself admits that he is his biggest enemy. I thought about Mets old timers Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden. Remembered vividly at one game, when Strawberry stepped onto the plate, a father tuck at his young son.
“Look, Strawberry!”
Baseball is a long, slow boring game (sorry – it’s my opinion) and I often lost interest while watching. So I rarely watched. But when Strawberry came out, everyone perked up, including me. Who could afford not to watch this striking young gun at bat? He’s gracious, powerful and explosive. He’s face of the game (figuratively speaking .. poster on bus stops ..) and face to change the game. But .. .. in the end, he proved to be his own enemy. Burress is very striking too. Gifted to be so good at the game.

Do they have troubled upbringings?

Frank Cashen (?) the GM of Mets at time took a lot beating from the press/media when he refused to give Strawberry José Canseco type of contract.
“He has yet to fulfill his potential.” He insisted.
Strawberry rolled his eyes upon hearing it. But .. in reality, he didn’t do much after left Mets.
Burress failed to show up at the victory perade early this year. So did Gooden at 1986. What were they thinking?

I heard that most NFL players carry guns. Thought only former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld needs to.

Anyone saw Tiki Barber interviewing Eli Manning, the QB he trashed?

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