The match .. King Michael

Tonight’s 60 Minutes has a feel good interview: Anderson Cooper on Michael Phelps. They had a race in the pool: Cooper did free style while Phelps did dolphin kicks in one breathe. I don’t think any one would have a doubt as who won that race. Any way, I found Cooper to be pretty cool and now he’s super cool .. .. for his ability to swim free style in style. Does Phelps remind you of Eli Manning? Michael’s Mom works as a school principal who got emotional when Cooper told her that her son thinks the world of her. And the kid who trained every day for years that included his birthdays and Christmas to reach that 8 Golds in Beijing. Not to mention the 6 Golds he amassed in Athens in 2004.

Sosososo not fair .. Tooo tooo tooo bad that New York lost out to London for 2012’s. Did Bush cost New York its chance? The isle of Manhattan would have rocked for Michael!! !! Well, he’ll be the king of England no matter what.

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