Our last match on Sunday was again being played indoor at Tri-City. Nadal was demolishing Robin Söderling 6–4, 6–2, 6–4 in Paris.
Our opponent was from the other side of the Hudson River, New Jersey. Their team consisted Chinese too. Paul suggested to me that I should seeking its captain out and get acquaintance for some friendly games in the future: a great idea. When I saw a lady who resembled Paul’s description, I approached her.
“Good morning, are you Sherry?”
“No.” Wow ..
“Oh .. do you know where is she?” Thickening my skin, I persisted.
“Why are you looking for her?” She looked at me with suspicion.
“I’d like to talk to her.” I replied cheerfully.
“What do you want to talk about?” she asked in such rawness, I decided not to pursue any further. It’s so unpleasant.

DSCN6815 DSCN6793

NJ has also large Chinese tennis community and they’ve been hosting tournaments for a long time and continusly doing so with great success. Their USTA league participation has produced couple of National Champions.

#1 Doubles Wai Chiu Leong/Mary Wong vs Cheng Mei-Ju Tzeng/Yi Qiu: 6-3 6-1
#2 Doubles Kai H. Chung/Anna Leung Vs. Ban Tran/Jan Kay Smith: 2-6 7-6 1-0
#3 Doubles SEAN YUEN/Irene Lum Vs. Polly Wong/Ronald C. Tai: 6-4 6-1

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