One of those times ..

Besides the senior moment, I now have the menopause moment too, and it strikes often.. .. like last night. It would have been a close one but Irene just couldn’t get her act together. The girl opened match by serving it first. We danced around deuce few time but she eventually took it. I was thinking, cool, going to be a competitive match.
I double faulted on game point, set point and match point .. hopefully I’m not going to DF on life point??!!
Sorry partner.
will try harder next time..
We even called the score wrong but our opponents corrected .. no it’s game.
Nice of them.
Wine and dine at the National Tennis Center

My weekday AM group would linger at the lobby after the game; some times llllooong after the game. And some times before the game. Many days their routine would be
.. tennis.
.. lounging around
.. lunch
.. mahjong (majiang)

.. dinner
The new lineup sheet!
I think this is the best lineup sheet I’d seen so far. The league ought to make amendment … ha ha ha ..
Good to know other captains forget things too.
The opposing cap (see the mid pix) came bit late and holding this plate.
Pretty cool
Is he wining and dinning at the NTC again??!!
And as usual, I wasn’t invited?

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