Falling limbs

I played badminton two nights and tennis on Thur n tonight, feeling tired and as if few of my limbs were ready to fall off.  My right shoulder never bothered me before, now it does.  My knees, legs, …. the list is just goes on, grows longer by the hour.  I teamed up with Brian tonight, won an easy set at love against George and Michael.  Lost in the tie break to Chai and Kevin 7:5.  Brian noticed that I was not in shape, for many shots I could have returned but failed to do so.  Sorry, lol …  The third set was on serve when time was up.  I was surpised at the result, because I didn’t run like crazy, didn’t try to get every shots, :)) but almost got the job done.  Hmmmm, maybe in life and as well as in trading, I should mirror this?   

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