Winning my first 3.5 doubles match

I’m doing much better as the third string: won my first 3.5 doubles match last night, 6-0, 3-6, and 1-0 (10-8). Do people tend to get complacent, or 掉以轻心 lower one’s guard after a easy first set win? I think so because my partner and I quickly found ourselves in the hole in the second set. The double faults decreased drastically and they got everything back, especially overheads. One shouldn’t treat something anything lightly during a match. My partner told me that she isn’t used to soft hitting and she began to hit softly. When we were leading 8-5 in the super tie break, there was a lob that gone long. I was at the net and called it out first. Laura was at the baseline by the ball and called it out too. However, our opponents disagreed by asking if it was indeed out and went on to say its looked on the line. I felt lousy to have to deal with this at such late crucial moment, very unfortunate. Otherwise the match was smooth. It’s my serve at 8-5 but I couldn’t close the match. 9-6 we switched.
The girl in blue top held hers. Then my partner served and was able to closed the match. We were quite an equal partners in the match. Good.
After the match on Court 10, we started to play around. First game was not even over, I got hit pretty hard by the blue top girl. She really has great serves and shots. Thank lord it’s the side of my head and neck, won’t be looking like this but no guarantee that I won’t turn into a crazy lunatic ..

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