Taoranting Park 陶然亭 swimming pool

陶然亭是清代名亭,现为中国四大历史名亭之一 Taoranting is the name of the Qing Dynasty pavilion, now a China one of the four historic Pavilion.
It’s just a stone throw away from Xiaoyi‘s apartment. We went there swimming from time to time. King had his yellow bathing suit. The third time we were there, the young eager life guard or door man said,
“I think it’s enough that he should change to a proper bathing suit.”

“Oh, it’s his bathing suit.” I wasn’t thinking straight.

The young man’s face turned red. “Don’t you think I’m a hicky. .. just because you’re from USA .. ”

Actually everyone wore speedo type of swimming wears in China, like the Europeans. Only the Americans who wears large shorts to the pool.

I tried to explain to the young man but he won’t hear it at all. He thought I insulted him. To make peace, I got King a speedo.

“Mom, it’s too small .. ” and he refused to wear it.

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