Warm water for the cold day

The riveting picture of Alex Meyer with a long trail in the Walden Pond, left me in his wake. Making sense or too Chinglish? In any case, I was inspired and made to the pool yesterday. Finally.

Nothing has changed since my last outing, except, my arm hurt and my timing was terrible. I actually felt very light upon entering the water and got to a good start. However, my arm wasn’t cooperating. I’ve been playing tennis non-stop with the sore arm, hopefully, it would and could cope with tennis for the near future.
The water temperature in the pool was bit high and the shower water [there are only on button at showers; temp is fixed] was warmer than usual. For the first cold day of the autumn, it was welcoming thou.
Finishing the day with two sets 6-3 and 6-7 plus a 10-point super tie break [11] at Bay Terrace in the night. I was pretty popped.

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