Manhattan 2012 stats

This season we only have 8 matches – very short – but with two rescheduled 3Ds, it seemed long. We played our 8th match last night, without much fanfare because we’re the third, made into the playoff regardless of the out come of this match. However, our opponents had 43 pts, in 5th place was only half point behind the then 4th place team (43.5 pts). Winning half court would mean they’ll join the quarter final fun. And they did splendidly:
1D 5-7, 2-6
2D 6-1, 1-5
3D 6-4, 6-4

Ok something happened very unexpectedly on Feb 23: the #1 team with a perfect season (again) that raked in 96 (out of possible 104 pts) went to the bottom with mere 37 points, ranking 8th. Many matches/players are DQed, disqualified. The reason is

eligibility disqualification which altered the teams advancing to playoff’s

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