My first 8.0 match

Lost 3 and 4 as 2D. There were many long rallies and deuces but ultimately we or more of I came up short. The pair wasn’t friendly which made the match dull and bore. I’d to make mental note to stop commenting on their good plays when there wasn’t a slight recognition. The guy by the second set, did offer one or two comments on a good shot. There was a down the line from her which was just out. They both disagree. He stuck up three fingers and said,
“You called three times.”
Hmmmm .. that’s not right becasue I hardly made any line calls last night.
She said,
“I saw it.” Then came over to our side and pointed to A mark and exclaimed,
“This it is.”
You know what? I didn’t remember which spot the ball landed because I’m not a trained line person and the court didn’t get swipe, all lines were messy. SO, how could she be so certain from the baseline on the other end? Maybe she saw the shadow of the ball hover the line? That’s out in my book.
“Sorry it’s my court and my call.” I told them curtly. I was in no mood of any arguing and didn’t appreciated the fact that she came over without being invited. The half balding guy is bit chubby and they took their sweet time between point. I urged them twice but felt on deaf ears.
Funny enough, the 3D finished and the foursome engaged in a long heated discussion. The reason? Our girl took too much time in between.
The second set we were 0-4 but we played some really good tennis and were 4-4. Ah well. Better luck next time.
1D: 6-4, 6-2
2D: 3-6, 4-6
3D: 1-6, 5-7

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