What to do when your kid is injured

I spent better part of the day trying to hunt the 6th player down for tonight’s match. The scheduled player got injured late last night while playing. And no one on the team is available. Many emails ensued with the opposing captain/coordinator that includes the lecture. Then suddenly in the afternoon someone mentioned that .. in fact .. could play. I’m grateful for such heroic act but somehow feeling my time had misspent, and inconvenient few others in the process. Maybe just because I’ve too much stuff on my plate at the moment?

What are you talking about court fee? Court fee has been paid to the League, so no one can get it back because it’s late. Your players have paid your share of the court. The captain (you) have to tell your scheduled players that this will be counted as one of the matches they have paid for. For our players, it is not good and fair because they paid for a match but not going to play a match so it will be tough on me to tell the 3 d players that they won’t play a match tonight.

When we got on the court, did I realize my 8.0 has just finished theirs. and my usual partner was quite ..

1D: 3-6, 1-6
2D: 2-6, 3-6
3D: 3-6, 6-4, 0-1

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