Our last two matches

Beijing, April 8
The 11th match on April 1 was vs Yao: we lost first and second court but won third court, which made our last match on April 6 a must-sweep match. I left for Beijing that night.
I recalled a brief conversation in Schenectady in 2010:
“Irene, you’re the captain, you need to assert your stance.” The player used her hand to stress her point.
Have I been?
Well .. ..
The last match on April 6 has lined up and ready to go but one of my mates who’s on the lineup assertively (to put it mildly) insisted to change her partner.
I gave in.
Unfortunately we came up short, lost the third court in the third set super tiebreak. 3 points short to make the play offs, for the very first time. Oh well. My fault. Better luck or work harder next time.

Thanks team for a great run!

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