A sponsor, and the rules

Wow, the mixed doubles scorecard has a sponsor now. Wondering what if I forget to use it? Penalty?

Ok, here is our 2013 Manhattan Mixed Doubles Season Local Rules. Be sure to read it.

Registration deadline: 15 December 2012

All fees must be paid in full by 25 November 2012

The points awarded are:

1D = 6pts
2D = 4pts
3D = 3pts

Nov 27, fm the coordinator:

For the Manhattan league – everyone who registers before the year-end ratings are released play with their early start league throughout the season. If they register after year-end’s are released – they play under their year-end rating — it’s the rating at the time of registration.

The exception is as follows:

“Players who are found to have valid computer ratings, after the appeal process, that place them above the NTRP level at which they are competing may continue their participation at the lower NTRP level UNLESS their year-end rating reached the clearly above level mark. If it did, they must adjust to that new NTRP level. Prior team matches played will be valid.”

So someone who registered with an ESR of 3.5 but gets a year-end 4.0 — showing they are a mid-to-high level 4.0 will have to adjust to the new rating. Last year this affected about 6 players.

The affected captains and players will be notifed as soon as possible. Everyone else continues to play at the rating at the time of registration.

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