A timed match

I finally get to play my first match of the season. Thrilled. I went to yoga for over an hour and swam 20 laps – only because the pool was empty, couldn’t resist – that’s why I was running tight.

The opposing captain was very nice. I felt so good that he didn’t have a proper scrod card – which made my wrong score card looked so right -:).

I played our lady opponent three times previously, she led 2-1: won two mixed but lost to Jenn and I last summer. We broke her, then I went to serve at 2-1. My partner told me just hold the serve we could win. I promptly lost it at love. There were many long rallies and our opponents were gracious, we complimenting on each others good points throughout the match. We finally took the first at 4 after trading more breaks. The second set got off to a strong start, we jumped to 3-0 lead. At 5-2, there was six minutes left. I was very mindful of the very same situation at our recent match but chose not to drain the clock with the 90 second change over allowance. I served for that game and lost. She still wanted to continue, saying there are two more minutes left. Just at the same time, Fred Derman, the opposing captain walked onto the the court, and informed her about the five minutes rule.

What would I have done should we trailing behind?

I knew I would continue but would try to hold the game -:)

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