The last match

Bonnie starts her afternoon (5:30-6:30) Classic Pilates class. She introduced herself a little before the start of the class, that she’s been teaching full time for the past 13 years, that she teaches the teachers and she took the training from Mr. Pilates himself. I asked her what’s the difference between Pilates and yoga. Her reply: Pilates doesn’t hold posses and it’s new, from a person while yoga’s been around for thousand of years (probably from thousands of methods/teachers).

I got to the club relatively early but Jim, Annette and Laurence were already there. Michael was there but playing someone else. Running into someone you know is as a sure bet as New York sky is so blue -:). I know, I know it’s bad. Can’t think of anything at the moment.

The opposing captain who played 2D was late and no one has the line up to exchange with me. We filed onto the court and started to warm up. Dave and Laurence cleaned their court first. Guess if I were mean I could have forced the captain to play the third doubles but the thought never crossed my mind: win fair and be courteous.

Jim and I started very slow, we were down 0-3. When I was feeling thirsty, did I realize my tea was still at the lounge. Jim spared me a bottle, SmartWater. Ha .. we won next 4 games and took the first set at 4. The second set was an easy win, I think we had the momentum.

The 3rd place team in
Div I has: 86.5 (out of 12 matches)
Div II: 71 (65+6) (out of 10 matches)
Div III: 75 (68+7) (out of 10 matches) -> us

Div 1

Div 2

Div 3

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