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The snow storm was brewing, out of safety issue with many back and forth emails, I defaulted one court at the last second, 2:57pm yesterday. Here is the rule for rescheduling which we are not eligible:

Rescheduling Courts: Re-schedules are reserved for teams who cannot field players for a match, not for teams wanting to field their best team. We will accept 1 request to re-schedule a court – submitted before 1 February 2013.

Any further re-schedule requests will only be considered due to extenuating circumstances where an illegal match will occur. Captains must submit a detailed explanation at least 1 week in advance to the level and local league coordinator for consideration.

If a re-schedule is granted, teams will be given one date for the re-schedule and date by when they must confirm. If either team can not make the re-schedule date, the requesting team must forfeit.

Tonight’s matches (many other teams too..) got canceled at 11:15am this morning by the league due to the storm. The normal time for cancellation by a team is at 3pm the day before to avoid paying for the court.

Does this mean that our default 3D match is reinstated since our cancelation was also out of safety concern?

Unfortunately, no. The cancelled court from yesterday remains cancelled so you only have two courts in play when your match from today is rescheduled.


Oh well, our bad luck.

There isn’t a posted rule pertaining to this ruling tho. So our mates weighted in. One side argued that re-schedule should only apply to what’s available on that original date and the other side felt the reason we canceled was the same reason the league canceled the entire match – all due to safety issue – so we should be allowed to field the third court. The confusion rose only because we did not see any written rule – our memory is still fresh that the coordinator can be wrong. So I asked to see the written rule. It was especially jarring when the same coordinator always appends rules whenever I’ve a question in the past. Why not this time? Where is the written rule?

The league never showed us the written rule. Maybe they don’t have?

Not that I cared about forfeiting a court – our lead in the league is more  than comfortable, we ended the season as #1,  ahead #2 by 19 points (each match worth 13 points).

In any case, the match is being rescheduled to March 4, two courts only.

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