A dispute

the score card

the score card

This morning I got an email from the coordinator asking for confirmation on a disputed score of the match I entered last night:
This is according to this score card.

But the opponent insisted it’s:
Without consulting with my teammates, I ok’ed:

on iPhone app

on iPhone app

1. it’s not curial
2. don’t want to waste anyone’s time unnecessarily

I hope this is not going to bite me in the future.

A couple of teammates asked about it after seeing it. They are as bewildered as I am.
“What’s the point?”

Well, the disputer may feel:

on usta league site fm my laptop

on usta site fm my laptop

May truth trumps all?
At any cost? It would involve
.. his captain needs to write an email ..
.. I need to reply ..
.. the coordinator needs to actually make the correction

All worth a while?

Well, beauty worthiness is in the eye of the beholder

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